Saturday, July 7, 2012

Whooey - and it isn't over ....

by Nancy Turnage, VRPS Central Office

Mother Nature has been testing the limits this summer.  In the midst of droughts, tornadoes, derechos, fires, and extreme (really extreme) temperatures, the VRPS community has pooled its creative juices to serve its public via creative, cooling endeavors, sometimes without the use of electric power.  Thanks to those posting photos!

Danville's Fun Wagon (hose me down and give me a snack), No Kids Allowed - Adult Summer Camp (say no more), and Motorless Bass Fishing Tournament (in the words of Elmer Fudd, "Shhh.  Be vewy vewy quiet.")

Blacksburg's Inflatable Fun Water Camp (more water, and lots of jumping) and Skateboard Camp (Dude).


Prince William's Red Hot Robotics and Van Gogh For It Art Camps (never underestimate a good play-on-words), Loudoun County's Cardboard Boat Regatta (Water + Cardboard = Eventual Soggy Sinking), and Fairfax County's Our Special Harbor Sprayground (playground/sprayground).

Looking forward to much, much more from the VRPS talent pool! 

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