Monday, September 18, 2017

Keys to Empowerment - It's Conference Time!

Senior Center Director
Arlington County Department of Parks & Recreation
2017 VRPS Senior Resource Group Chair-Elect

The Senior Resource Group 2017 conference is upon us.  Thursday, September 21 at the Reston Community Center, a group of recreation professionals whose daily work focuses on serving the older adult population will convene to learn from each other and from experts in the field of aging. We have selected inspiring presenters on a variety of topics that focus on the population we serve.  The result will be that these delegates will go back to their programs and communities with additional skills to advocate for and champion recreational opportunities and options for a demographic that is a significant portion of our national population.

This year’s theme is about career empowerment. We are honored that VRPS President LaTanya Turner, CPRP will join us.  Her platform has been about increasing the connections we make through VRPS members and finding better ways for “telling our stories.”  That’s what we hope to accomplish at the conference as well.  Our goal, as the members of the Senior Resource Group, is to provide you with the best tools, strategies and techniques that will help you tell your story to your customers, co-workers, decision makers and other stakeholders. The table below will give you a quick look at the day’s schedule: 

Introductions & Announcements
Welcome by LaTanya Turner, VRPS President
Session 1
Words Matter:  Harnessing the Power and Energy of Language
Margaret “Marti” Bailey
Session 2
Empowering Through Understanding: Do You Know What Upsets You
Miki Goerdt, LCSW
Keynote Address: 
Raise the Bar:  How to Recruit, Retain and Engage Professionals as Volunteers
Dr. Lynn Reid
Conference Luncheon & Continued Discussion
Please take time to visit our exhibit
Session 3
Building Bridges of Cultural Understanding
Catherine Motivans
Session 4
Mastering Aging:  Help Your Community’s   Seniors Achieve Financial, Physical, and Mental Wellness
Brandy Bauer and Hayoung Kye
Wrap up 

Karen Brutsche
Janice Myrick
Cheryl Wheeler
Hope Lomax-Jones
June Snead