Monday, January 27, 2014

How do you hygge?

by Nancy Turnage, VRPS Central Office

Last week's below-freezing temperatures and precipitation left many at home, casting aside the typical work-week with its pre-defined plans.  Schools were closed.  Daycares were closed.  Bread was not-to-be-found in the grocery aisle.

How did you spend your time at home?  Did you work from home?  Tackle a new project?  Watch movies?  Get outside and enjoy winter's wonderland?

Apparently the Danes have it down pat.  Not only are they experts, but they've named it and used it to make themselves the happiest nation in the world for forty years and running.  Despite the fact that the winter sun often sets before 4pm, "hygge" sees them through.  Not only that, but their Scandinavian neighbors Norway, Sweden, Switzerland, and the Netherlands round out the top five.

The closest English translation to hygge, which is inadequate by the way,  is "coziness", but it is so much more; enjoy these interesting reads on hygge, because sadly, the United States ranks seventeenth in global happiness, behind neighbors Canada, Mexico, and Panama.


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