Monday, June 2, 2014

What's Hot in Fitness, Now?

by Stephanie Wimer, Recreation Specialist, Harrisonburg City Parks and Recreation

In this piece, guest blogger Stephanie explores the newest trends in fitness—what’s the difference between a trend and a fad?  What’s old news, and what’s here to stay?  Many recreation facilities can benefit by offering a variety of classes that appeal to a wide range of individuals, and Stephanie gives a full recap of not just the most trendy ways to exercise, but she marks off the classes that are here to stay.  Read on to discover what Stephanie learned from her trip to the 2013 VRPS Annual Conference in September, 2013.

2014 VRPS Annual Conference will take place December 6-9, 2014 at the Omni Homestead in Hot Springs, Virginia.

Visit the 2014 Annual Conference web page HERE.

Online registration is available HERE

More about Stephanie:
Stephanie has been teaching group fitness, coaching CrossFit, and personal training clients for several years; and she is most passionate about helping others achieve personal bests in their own fitness capacities.

 In her spare time, Stephanie manages her website, Strong Figure, which was created to help others pursue knowledge, health, and strength—three areas of importance to her.  After battling years of not knowing how to become healthier/fitter, Stephanie embarked on a journey that has led to many life-changing moments for her.  Strong Figure exists in order to help others who may find themselves struggling on a similar path.  Read more about her, find workout ideas, and learn about nutrition on her site:  

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