Tuesday, July 15, 2014

2014 Annual Conference: Online Awards Submission for 2014

by Nancy Turnage, VRPS Central Office

Welcome to the Virginia Recreation & Park Society’s Annual Awards and Citations program.  New this year is a completely paperless system for awards nominations.  We hope that this process will be seamless for you and any constructive feedback would be appreciated after you complete the process.  This is the first year, so we are sure that we can continue to make improvements for next year.
Recognize a co-worker or fellow staff member for their outstanding work during the year!

Important things you need to know BEFORE you start the uploading process:
*  You will want to have all of your award nominations ready for uploading before you start the process.
*  All award nominations should be in PDF format, but we will accept other formats such as Word, JPEGs, etc.  When possible, please include all photos and supporting materials in a SINGLE document.
*  Prepare your original narration with double-space text (minimum of 12 pt. font) and then include your photos at the end.  If you have other supporting materials such as buttons, shirts, signs, banners, etc., you will take a photo of those items and include those photos within your original narration as previously noted.
*  Please include high-resolution photos in your narration (300 dpi minimum).
*  Awards to be considered are for the period of January 1-December 31, 2013 only.
*  VRPS Awards & Citations Committee reserves the right to re-direct entries into appropriate categories.  Incorrect submissions for population divisions will not be redirected.
*  If you are submitting a nomination but it is for a joint project, each agency will need to submit separately, upload the supporting document, and pay the nomination fee.  Please remember that joint agency submissions must combine populations from each submitting agency.
*  Nominations for individual awards must include one photo of the nominee.
*  If you are uploading a video as supporting documentation, you will need to provide a complete URL for the video, and the video must remain online and active until October 31, 2014.
*  2010 Census information must be obtained from the US Census Bureau at www.census.gov.  VRPS Awards & Citations Committee suggests that you use the QuickFacts option in the center of teh home page.  Once you generate your census information for your city or county, please save it as a PDF.  You will upload this information only once as part of the Official Nomination Form.
*  All nominations will require payment via credit card
*  Once you complete the process, you should receive an email confirmation.

For a complete explanation of the Awards & Citations categories and the judging criteria, please CLICK HERE for the summary sheet.
For a list of Awards & Citations Committee members, please CLICK HERE.  If you have questions about the upload process or the judging criteria or something in general, please contact a committee member at your convenience.
The most important thing to remember:  this year’s deadline is Friday, August 29 at 5:00pm.  We will utilize your submission’s timestamp to ensure that all submissions meet the 5:00pm cut-off.

Click HERE to submit your online Awards Application

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