Tuesday, March 15, 2016

New App Used at the 2015 VRPS Annual Conference.

by Tyler Stefkovich, CPRP

* Recreation Manager,
Chesapeake Parks, Recreation, & Tourism

* 2015 VRPS Annual Conference Exhibits Co-Chair

The 2015 Virginia Recreation and Park Society Annual State Conference was the first to offer to its delegates a conference app where session schedules, announcements, advertising and social components were communicated in place of printed materials.

As we were planning for the 2015 Annual State Conference, the committee brainstormed ways we could add to the future of the VRPS organization, add a cool component to the Annual Conference and support our current VRPS president’s platform of technology development and integration. A number of us had some experience in using this type of App at other conferences we had attended and certainly deliberated about how many would welcome this type of organization technology.

In addition, we discussed the ability to “Go Green” by using less paper copies of the programs and schedule.  Katey Legg, CPRP, Recreation Superintendent in Gloucester County, led the effort in many of the development and communication projects with the Crowd Compass App company.  She stated,

The decision to move from a printed conference book to a mobile app wasn’t made lightly.  However, the mobile app afforded VRPS all of the same options of the printed book, but also new ways to connect, the ability to make last minute changes as necessary, and even offer more exposure for sponsors."

Throughout the conference I took every opportunity to use the App while looking for ways to explore the many different features it provided.  I used the schedule feature, the notes feature, the instant messaging future and received the many announcements sent out by the conference committee.  Katey also stated, “The introduction of the mobile app to the VRPS Annual Conference was a step of progress in how VRPS communicates to it members.  I especially liked receiving my unique registration code prior to the conference so I could play around with the app and upload educational sessions to my personal colander through the app.

I found the App user friendly and fun to use.  It was fun to see others explore the possibilities.  Fellow delegate event took pictures during education session and later uploaded them through the App for others to see.  After the conclusion of the conference I was able to later email myself all of my notes to compile into word documents

The 2016 VRPS State Conference, being held in Roanoke, will again plan to utilize the Crowd Compass App.  Scott Ramsburg, 2016 Conference Committee Member stated,

Most conference attendees have smart phones and have come to rely on apps like this one to browse program sessions, interact with maps and communicate with fellow conference attendees."

In addition, he stated, “Surveys of the event rated the app very highly.

Certainly the app will continue to face some challenges including possible technical difficulties, connectivity issues and individuals who do not have access to the technology in order to utilize the App.  Overall though, this is a great tool to use in order to increase communication in conjunction with other forms.  App technology is fun and ever changing to be user friendly.  We were excited to offer it last year and look forward to using it again.



  1. Fantastic blog Tyler. You were an amazing team member of the Conference Committee.

  2. Fantastic blog Tyler. You were an amazing team member of the Conference Committee.


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