Monday, July 11, 2016

Bring on the Competition!

by Sandy Kellogg

Aquatic Operations Supervisor, Mount Vernon RECenter
Fairfax County Park Authority
VRPS Aquatics Resource Group 2016 Chair
VRPS 2016 Awards Co-Chair

There are a lot of things happening on the VRPS website.  There is a common thread that seems appropriate for an Olympic season – the Spirit of Competition!  We are a profession that thrives on teamwork, networking and cooperation, but sometimes a sense of competition can unify a team and create fun opportunities for people to aspire for first place.

First of course is the Lifeguard Cup!  The Aquatic Resource Group has been running this for several years, and last year decided to go to a Virtual Cup.  No, you don’t get to compete online, but your team gets to compete at their own site, and in their own times.  Results are sent back in and tallied.  Last year the Princess Anne Recreation Center in Virginia Beach won a pizza party and prize pack for coming in first.  Registration deadline is July 22; the VRPS website had more details.  Based on last year’s spirit videos this was a fun event at the sites that participated; there are some very creative staff members out there!

The VRPS Resource Groups and Service Areas are currently calling for nominations for the 2017 Boards, and VRPS nominations will be out soon as well.  It is wonderful to have the chance to choose between amazing applicants, but to do that we need more people running!  Please consider stepping up to nomination for a board or two.  The friendships and fun far outweigh the work.  VRPS needs all our help to extend their mission statewide, serving on a board is a great way to start.  Nominations for many of the groups are out there right now; there is more information on the VRPS website.

The Awards and Citations Committee would like to encourage everyone to submit applications for the 2015 VRPS Awards, presented at our annual conference.  As a member of that committee, it’s really fun to read and evaluate different programs and facilities.  There are so many interesting ideas, programs and projects going on out there, you all deserve to be recognized for the great things you do!  Here’s your chance for the state organization to recognize you as well.  Deadline for nomination is July 31; the VRPS website has more information.

Lastly, when I think back at my time at the VRPS Leadership Training Institute (LTI) this year, what I remember most (other than the awesome educational sessions!) are the games and challenges we did.  Our closing night there was solo cups being stacked, toilet paper being thrown, and even some booty shaking ping pong ball activity!  We all tried to be the best we could be, but in the end we all won and got some great pictures!  In the end, whether it’s with competition or collaboration, we are doing awesome things for Parks and Recreation in our state.  Come join us!


  1. Great article. Very timely with the Olympics right around the corner.

    See you soon,


  2. Great article. Very timely with the Olympics right around the corner.

    See you soon,



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