Monday, February 6, 2017

What Does LTI Stand For?

by Kat Fish
Aquatics Specialist II
Splashdown Waterpark
Prince William County Parks and Recreation
VRPS 2018 LTI Co-Chair

LTI stands for the Leadership Training Institute, VRPS’s premier retreat style institute held at the Wintergreen Resort. The institute is exclusive as it only accommodates 60 participants in its weekend full of leadership development, educational sessions, team building, and networking. The LTI Committee hit the ground running in January planning the 2018 institute. The Institute has developed an excellent reputation in our Society because of its original educational programming and our ability to continue to adapt and change the program to remain relevant and current. The institute will be held April 15-17, 2018 and the registrations will go live in March 2017. It is never too early to start discussing your 2018 training plan your supervisor. You do not want to miss out on this exclusive opportunity.

2018 LTI Committee:
Kristen Hamill, CPRP
Newport News Parks, Recreation & Tourism

Matt Spruill, CPRP
Colonial Heights Recreation & Parks

Amy Woodson, CPRP
Virginia Beach Parks & Recreation

Kat Fish
Prince William County Parks & Recreation 

Cindy Roeder
Herndon Parks & Recreation

Claire Richardson
Staunton Parks & Recreation

James Mickle
Norfolk Parks, Recreation & Open Space

Kelley Herbert
James City Co. Parks & Recreation

Terry Caldwell, CPRP, AFO
Christiansburg Aquatic Center


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