Monday, February 5, 2018

It's a New Year

Director of Aquatics
Town of Christiansburg
Past VRPS Leadership Training Institute (LTI) Attendee
2018 LTI Committee Member

It is a new year, time to reflect on past accomplishments and plan new goals for our careers. 

For many of us, this may be the year to reach outside of our comfort zone, do something that is not our typical behavior.  In 2014, I took the step and set off to develop my leadership skills with my peers.  Sure, I was attending yearly conferences and keeping up with CEU’s but the thought of spending a couple of days on top of a mountain with people I did not know was pretty much, a little intimidating.  I can remember thinking; my career is going pretty good, I achieved the ultimate opportunity of directing an aquatic facility from the bottom up, could there really be anymore?   Boy, was there more! 

It was time to attend a leadership training like no other.  That spring, up high on a mountain top, I attended LTI.  Needless to say what I thought was going to be a couple of days in a typical recreation setting became the emotional trigger I needed to remind myself why I was in the field.   

Witnessing first-hand 60 professionals just like myself stepping outside their comfort zone to earn their leadership credentials was amazing.  From team building to more team building, to connecting with some of the best leadership speakers, I was in!  What was happening?  Not only did I want to be part of the team, I was amazed how easy it was.  Everyone was happy, rejuvenated and a TEAM, so unbelievable that explaining would never do the program justice.  We became one, a group of individuals seeking out the passion that was deep inside.  For a short time we shut out the stress of our daily routines to seek the next level within.  No negative thoughts, just time to build ourselves into the best possible leader in our field.   Could it be possible that the serenity of those two days surrounded by the beauty of nature would rejuvenate my career and give spark to the internal flame of Parks and Recreation?  After all, this was my passion!     

You bet it did!  Immediately, I knew the next goal was to serve on the LTI committee.  While serving the past four years, I have witnessed your LTI committee continue to reach far beyond to bring you the best recreational leadership training possible.  The serenity on top of Wintergreen Mountain is likely impossible to replace and the camaraderie of the team will fuel your energy to be the best that you can be, not only in your field but during this short time we have been given to “live”! 

Take the LTI opportunity now, it is time…you will not be disappointed!


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