Saturday, August 10, 2013

52 Ways to Use Your VRPS Membership: Week 33, Longevity

Happy Birthday.
by Nancy Turnage, VRPS Central Office

I got excited on Friday when I saw a post informing that it was Smokey the Bear's 69th birthday.  69!  I can still recall sending in my "application" and receiving my Smokey the Bear Club kit when I was a child ("Only YOU can prevent forest fires.").

Smokey's been around since before my time and hopefully long after.  He's iconic.  Forest fire prevention?  Think Smokey.

Now take a look at this list:

1953-54 Marshall Rotella
1954-55 W.A. (Buck) Richardson
1956-57 Marion Moody Hormachea
1957-58 Floyd McKenna
1958-59 W.H. Luther
1959-61 Richard Ford
1961-63 Howard Mast
1963-65 Cecil Gilkerson
1965-67 Harry Knight
1967-69 Fred Williams
1969-70 Constance Rollison McAdam
1970-71 Walter Hanbury
1971-72 Joseph Hensley
1972-73 James Greiner
1973-74 Darrell Shell
1974-75 Donald Thorne
1975-76 Leonidas Curtis
1976-77 James A. Colley
1977-78 Linda Odum
1978-79 John Gilstrap
1979-80 Dr. Michael Wise, CPRP
1980-81 Shurl Montgomery
1981-82 Tish Lindey
1982-83 Susan Walston
1983-84 Thomas Blekicki
1984-85 Phil Hester
1986 Ned Cheely, III, CPRP
1987 J. Suzy Cooksey
1988 L. Eldon James
1989 Larry Zehnder
1990 Stuart Connock
1991 Mick Stewart
1992 Pete Stith
1993 John Gilstrap
1994 Gary Huff
1995 Dr. Doug Kennedy, CPRP
1996 Dr. Bob Antozzi, CPRP
1997 Michael Cadwallader
1998 Charles Hester, CPRP
1999 Cindy Curtis, CPRP
2000 Carol Steele, CPRP
2001 Greg Sager
2002 Diane Ryburn, CPRP
2003 Darrell Crittendon
2004 Nancy Ellis, CPRP
2005 Beth Wood-Whitley, CTRS
2006 Sean Gleason
2007 Cindy Messinger, CPRP
2008 Kirk W. Kincannon, CPRP
2009 Mike Morris
2010 Lakita Frazier, CPRP
2011 Darrell Crittendon
2012 Cindy Roeder
2013 Katey Legg, CPRP
2014 Art Thatcher, CPRP, AFO MPA

That's 62 years of VRPS presidents.  Several of the names are on the list more than once.  Even more are on current boards and committees and play a part of the VRPS Foundation, changing roles to fill needs and vacancies.  Smokey may be a bit older, but VRPS has some contenders, even without the national recognition or the cool hat.

Only YOU can lead VRPS into the future.

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