Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Week's Top Five: Imitation is the Greatest Form of Flattery

by Nancy Turnage, VRPS Central Office

Do you scratch your head each season in an effort to devise clever and captivating programming ideas to engage your communities?  If you've advertised your event on social media, or if I happened upon it in my research, you were a candidate in the selection of this week's "Top Five:  Great Programming and Event Ideas to Steal for the week of March 31".

Kings Dominion:  Online Photo Mosaic

In celebration of their 40th anniversary, Kings Dominion is encouraging the public to tag and upload personal photos to a #KD40 mosaic.  The photos can be searched by name, email, or keyword:


Shenandoah Parks and Recreation:  Womanless Beauty Pageant

Men in womens' clothing is always a good bet.  Throw in a steak dinner at the Moose Lodge and confirmed contestants from Parks and Rec, Fire and Rescue, and the landfill, and the odds improve even more:


Danville Parks and Recreation:  Wine and Design

Danville Parks and Recreation is teaming up with a commercial enterprise to offer an adult art program that encourages participants to bring their favorite wine, drinks, and light snacks.  As they sample their wares, they are offered instruction in creating a 16X20 masterpiece.  How grown-up is that?


Colonial Heights Recreation and Parks:  Teen Easter Egg Night Hunt

Devising a programming event to engage teens is hard; it might be said that they are (a) a more difficult demographic to satisfy, and (b) a group that most certainly needs safe, engaging, monitored, socialized programming.  Colonial Heights has managed to come up with an event that is bound to please everyone:

  • Teens in the dark ...
  • with flashlights ...
  • who don't need to register until the DAY OF the event ...
  • and are safely contained in a stadium ...
  • while HUNTING and COMPETING for Easter eggs and REALLY GOOD PRIZES like theme park tickets and gift cards.
  • CHEATERS ARE DISQUALIFIED (must be said ...).

Senior Center:  Lifelong Learning Programs

The sheer number of ongoing, engaging programs that Senior Center offers is beyond impressive.  There is absolutely something for everyone, and each is designed to work the noggin':

  • Apple/Mac Users Group
  • Current Affairs
  • Exploring Science
  • Mah Jongg Lessons
  • Writing for Health and Growth
  • Writing for Pleasure
Twice Monthly:
  • Investment Vision Group
  • Investors' Forum
  • Le Cercle Francais (for those with a penchant for French)
  • Socrates Cafe (philosophical idea discussion)
  • All Things Digital
  • Attorney Talk
  • Book Group
  • Chasing Life (staying healthy and engaged)
  • Comparative Religions
  • Poetry Group
  • Merrill Lynch Financial Series
  • Senior Statesmen of Virginia

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