Sunday, September 14, 2014

VRPS/DCR Webinar Series - FREE to Members!

by Nancy Turnage, VRPS Central Office

VRPS/DCR Webinar Series

Virginia Recreation and Park Society is pleased to announce a joint workshop effort with the Virginia Department of Conservation and Recreation.  This 2-webinar series is FREE to VRPS members and focuses on the educational theme of planning.  Click HERE to register.

The series is targeted for the following individuals involved with recreation:

  • Administration/Management
  • Citizens/Board members
  • Natural Resource professionals
  • Programmers
  • Students

  • Monday, October 6, 2014, 11-11:45am:  2013 Virginia Outdoors Plan (VOP)
  • Tuesday, January 27, 2015, 11-11:45am:  Economics of Outdoor Recreation

Session length:  Two 45-minute webinars:
  1. VOP and conducting local assessments using this document
  2. Economics of outdoor recreation in Virginia

Learning outcomes
  • Ways to use the 2013 Virginia Outdoors Plan
  • How to use the VOP Mapper
  • How to use economic data to promote and expand outdoor recreation programs & facilities
  • Steps to conduct economic assessments

Monday, October 6, 2014, 11am:  2013 Virginia Outdoors Plan (VOP) - 45 minutes - Topics to be Covered:
  1. VOP purpose and use
  2. Overview key outdoor recreation topics (Trails and water access, historic resources, scenic resources, environmental education)
  3. Overview outdoor recreation providers (Local parks and recreation, state parks , Natural Heritage Program, state fish and wildlife management, state forests, National Park Service, National forests, National wildlife refuges and fish hatcheries, U.S. Army Corps of Engineers)
  4. Introduce VOP regional sections
  5. VOP Mapper
  6. Questions - follow-up (An online  survey will provide evaluation opportunity of the session)

Tuesday, January 27, 2015, 11am:  Economics of Outdoor Recreation -  45 minutes - Topics to be Covered:
  1. Why it is important to understand and incorporate the economics of outdoor recreation in program and facility planning
  2. National outdoor recreation economic statistics
  3. Virginia's outdoor recreation economic statistics
  4. Ways to use economic data to promote outdoor recreation (grant funding, direct county dollars to parks and recreation, create partnerships with tourism, promote private sector businesses, influence housing and transportation decisions) 
  5. Steps to conduct an outdoor recreation economic assessment
  6. Questions - follow-up (An online survey will provide evaluation opportunity of the session)

About the Speakers
Planner for the Planning and Recreation Resources Division
Department of Conservation & Recreation
Janit is a landscape architect working for the Virginia Department of Conservation and Recreation (DCR) as the project manager for Virginia's State Comprehensive Outdoor Recreation Plan (SCORP) - the Virginia Outdoors Plan (VOP).  She is also involved in state park master planning, specializing in new parks.  Janit provides technical assistance to localities, regions and non-profits for water trail coordination and recreation planning.  She is currently working on a site planning 101 series and has published online articles about health and outdoor recreation and the economics of outdoor recreation.  Janit is active with the Society of Outdoor Recreation Professionals and currently serves on the board of directors.
Janit is a swimmer and also enjoys canoeing, kayaking, hiking, camping and walking her greyhound. On the weekends, look for Janit and her family plus their retired racing greyhound in one of Virginia's state parks.                                                   
  • BA, Biology - Converse College
  • MLA, Landscape Architecture - University of Georgia
  • Virginia Natural Resource Leadership Institute

Planner for the Planning and Recreation Resources Division
Department of Conservation & Recreation
Lynn is a landscape architect whose public practice career spans planning, multi-disciplinary engineering, landscape construction and nursery work.  Her work at the Virginia Department of Conservation and Recreation (DCR) includes parks and recreation, environmental permitting and development review, and local, regional and Crime prevention through environmental design planning.  Lynn administers the Virginia scenic river and byway programs and is the scenic resources specialist for the Virginia Outdoors Plan.  Her current responsibilities includestate park master planning where she specializes in new park development. Lynn is active with the American Society of Landscape Architects and has served the organization in local and national level leadership positions. 
Lynn is an avid hiker and is quite knowledgeable about many Virginia trail destinations.  She has visited all of Virginia's state parks where she enjoys nature and her love for cabin cooking.
  • Registered Landscape Architect
  • BLA, Landscape Architecture - 1977
  • MLA, Landscape Architecture - 1995
  • Virginia Natural Resource Leadership Institute

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